the new website

The outline for your website could be the following items, these categories can be beneficial to enhancing your ideas.

Content for the site

Solid call to action at. Creating clients that will immediately trust you, see you as authentic and professional. They will know what to expect and will trust your expertise and your experienced position.

New photos, video, audio and other need to be provided and added, we can deliver valuable, high quality material if requested.
This is primordial and essential to assure success.

Listing clients and testimonials are good but portraying case studies is even more efficient. These will aid you in many ways.

A clear, concise and visual iconic overview will highlight your clients solutions to the issues they are facing. This overview will be the focus point of your website and needs to bring visitors valuable experiences. Clients need to relate to the services and experiences you are bringing.


A strategically placed and original contact form on each page inspiring people to engage with your ideas.


We need to evaluate how you work, what you require of clients and much more. All the details of the process need to be outlined and evaluated. This is fundamental to do in advance to focus on the intent of this project.

When you give an indication of your pricing, you might reduce the amount of inquiries but you will definitely enhance the quality. You will be able to deduct this from the website analytics.

You want to offer content and advice so that clients engage in meaningful interactions with you. You already know what content you would like to feature but we are delighted to share our more technical and digital marketing knowledge with you.