Process & Timescales

Step 1  Design interview

We need to thoroughly understand who you are, what you stand for and who you stand beside.
After this we can set up a design that resonates with the experiences you offer. Reaching the people you want to align with.

Step 2  Design presentation 

We will show you three new design concepts. All echoing the main theme and inspiring further analysis. We will decide on the direction to take from there.

Step 3  Website content 

Once we have the design, we will construct the website. We will work together on the explicitation of your ideas. At this stage we will gather needed media (film, pictures, audio).

Step 4  Website build

From this material your website is construed. We will come together and discuss the essentials and look back on the objectives set. Here we make all the adjustments.

Step 5  Launch 

Launching the website is delicate. All the technical  details need to be perfected. We are fluent and automated in this. We will launch whenever you feel secure and we will be on-call to ensure smooth execution.

In total, it will take us between 2 - 4 weeks to get your website live.